Getting social with our engineering Gurus!

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes when our trains need some TLC? Well, Social Media Gurus ^PA and ^JW got down ‘n’ dirty in North London to find out.

It was business as usual for the Bounds Green team, who maintain all of our Class 91 fleet- from end to end and top to bottom, we spannered and hammered where no Guru has gone before!

Some rules are as old as the railway, but they all have a reason for being the way they are. Want to know why all trains in the UK have a yellow front and back? That’s to increase their visibility from a distance at night. I wonder how they feel about a Virgin Red top and tail? Does our bumper look big in this? :)

^PA and ^JW will take any opportunity to get on-top (of a train), so they went for a peek (with the appropriate PPE…. always wear protection folks) to look out for any defects on the pantograph – we gave it the thumbs up, but had the experts on-hand to give a qualified confirmation.